Bengal cat adoption

Bengal cat adoption

Bengal cat adoption

Bengal cat adoption

Adoption Guide _

 Bengal Kitten Adoption Guide _

A beautiful guide explaining all the steps regarding the adoption of a Bengal cat or kitten at Wild N Sweet. It will help you to ensure a beautiful adoption experience and be ready to welcome your new Bengal cat in your home.

Steps to adopt a Bengal kitten

Would you like to adopt an adorable Wild N Sweet Bengal kitten? Here are the steps of our Bengal cat adoption process:

  • How to choose the right Bengal kitten for you
  • How to be the first to know when there are new kittens available
  • How to be the first to choose your Bengal kitten
  • Reservation
  • Date of departure
  • International delivery
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Price of our top quality Bengal cats

Bengal kitten price: between $3,000 and $5,000 USD
Retired adult Bengal cat price: between $700 and $1500​ USD

The prices of our Bengal cats and kittens vary according to the color, markings and quality regarding the standards of the breed.

Our kittens can be adopted as top quality pets or breeders (for established and serious breeders only).

* International delivery: transport costs are to be added to the selling price.
* Canadian customers: taxes of your province are to be added to the selling price.

Bringing your new kitten home

The arrival of your new Bengal kitten can be a very exciting time as long as you take the correct steps. After adopting your new Bengal cat, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for his awaited arrival. Learn everything you need to make sure his arrival goes smoothly: food, type of litter, favorite toys, what to do, what to have, and so on. And do not forget the key steps!

  • Be ready before your kitten arrives
  • Make every moment with him the best moment of his day
  • Explore the surroundings
  • Make your house the cat’s house
  • Introduce your new Bengal cat to your other pets
  • Enjoy every moment with your new companion

Frequently Asked Questions

Before adopting your future Bengal cat, you may want to check out the FAQ for quick answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also browse the various pages of the website to find interesting information on the Bengal cat and our breeding program.

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