Bengal cat Adoption

Bengal cat Adoption

Steps to Adopt a Bengal Cat _

Steps to Adopt a Bengal Cat _

Choosing the right Bengal kitten for you

Choosing the right Bengal kitten for you is a very important step in the adoption process. The kitten will not only be your pet; he will become a companion and a member of your family.

We want our Bengal kittens to be as happy as their new families. It is therefore important for us to make sure that the Bengal is a cat breed that suits you and that the chosen kitten matches your personality and your lifestyle. 

  • Do you have preferences on sex, color, pattern?
  • What kind of personality would you like your kitten to have?
  • Do you have children? And if so, how old are they? Have they learned to handle pets?
  • Will the new Bengal kitten be with other animals?
  • Are you often away from home?
  • How much time will you be able to devote to your new Bengal kitten every day?
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Be the first to choose _


Waiting list

Being on the Waiting list gives you priority to see our available kittens before they are posted on our website, and when your turn comes, you are first to choose before anyone else. To be part of this list, we ask a deposit of $500 which will be deducted from the price of the kitten at the time of purchase.


Once you have chosen the right Bengal kitten for you and your family, you must contact us for more information. If everything suits you, you will need to leave a deposit of $800 to reserve your kitten (or $300 if you have already made a first deposit of $500 to be on the waiting list). This amount will be deducted from the price of your Bengal kitten. We always allow a delay of 48 hours to those interested to send the deposit. After this delay, the kitten will be offered to another interested family. Deposits are not refundable or transferable to another kitten.

Date of departure

Our Bengal kittens are ready to join their new family between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks, depending on the country of destination. Once they reach this age, they have had the opportunity to build a good immune system, they have been completely socialized and they are litterbox trained.

International Shipping _

International Shipping 

Relax, we take care of everything!

We deliver our kittens all over the world, with a few exceptions. We take good care of everything so that your new Bengal kitten travels comfortably and arrives at his new destination safely. We do all the steps and follow the requirements of each country. You only have to pick up your new companion at the closest airport on the chosen date.

Places in the world where we have delivered our Bengal kittens 


Quebec ∞ New Brunswick ∞ Ontario ∞ Saskatchewan ∞ Alberta ∞ Nova Scotia

🇺🇸United States 

Alabama ∞ California ∞ Michigan ∞ Iowa ∞ North Carolina ∞ Washington ∞ New York ∞ Wisconsin ∞ Minnesota ∞ New Hampshire ∞ New Jersey ∞ Florida ∞ Texas ∞ Colorado ∞ Tennessee ∞ Oregon ∞ Pennsylvania ∞ Utah ∞ Ohio ∞ Rhode Island ∞ Missouri ∞ Massachusetts ∞ Virginia ∞ Maine

🌎 Other countries 

🇰🇷 South Korea ∞ 🇫🇷 France ∞ 🇬🇧 England ∞ 🇮🇹 Italy ∞🇦🇹 Austria ∞ 🇧🇪 Belgium ∞ 🇵🇱 Poland

And even more to come…

Thank you for your trust!

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Our Bengal Kittens have Conquered the World _


Testimonial _

Testimonial _

Sabrina was great to work with! She shipped our kittens to us in the USA. They arrived as beautiful and healthy as can be! Would love to continue to do business with them in the future.

– Kylee, Dean & Darci (Iowa, USA)

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