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The diet you provide to your Bengal cat is of utmost importance if you want your pet to feel good and have a healthy life.

The Bengal cat and the domestic cat are carnivorous so feeding them high protein food is very beneficial for them. To fully understand the Bengal cat diet, you must refer to his ancestor, the Asian leopard, which feeds mainly on meat such as birds, lizards and insects.

Currently, most cat foods on the market contain less meat and more grain products such as corn, rice and soy. Companies do this only to reduce production costs. However, most Bengal cats have difficulty digesting these cereal products. It is therefore strongly recommended to feed them quality food without grains. At Wild N Sweet Bengals we offer grain free food ‘’Go! Duck recipe’’ to our little furry friends.

Raw meat, is it a good Bengal cat diet?

A quality raw meat is the best natural diet you can offer your Bengal cat. For having tried several kinds of dry food over the years, on several different Bengal cats, we can say for sure that the raw meat diet is much better for the Bengal cat’s digestive system. It’s simply easier to digest.

You can usually buy frozen, already prepared, high-quality raw food at your nearest pet store. Some people prepare their own food too.

Adult Bengal cats who have never eaten raw meat in their lives, will rarely like it. Ideally, it is best to start at an early age.


In order to avoid bacteria and any problems for your Bengal cat, be sure to handle the meat with the same precautions that you would use for yourself.

  • Give your cat a product that has been manufactured according to strict hygiene criteria.
  • 48 hours after thawing the meat, it is no longer good!
  • After 1 hour at room temperature, you must throw away the remaining food that your cat has not eaten.

Wild N Sweet Bengal kittens diet

At Wild N Sweet Bengals, we feed our Bengal kittens only the raw chicken meat recipe ‘’Simply Chicken’’ from “Faim Museau” twice a day. We add some canned food (about 20%) to our raw meat mix to make it tastier. Bengal kittens love it, and their digestive system does too.

As for our adult Bengal cats, we feed them the grain-free dry food “Go! Duck recipe “, as well as ‘’Simply Chicken’’ raw meat snacks. Combining 2 quality foods is the best option for complete and optimal nutrition. The benefits will be felt by your Bengal cat throughout his life, and will be likely to live longer!

For more information: Faim Museau

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