Patterns and Colors

Patterns and Colors

Bengal Cat Patterns and Colors _

Bengal Cat Patterns and Colors Guide _

The Bengal cat is often recognized for his beautiful spotted coat similar to his ancestor, the Asian leopard cat. But did you know that the Bengal cat can have other coat patterns and a wide variety of colors? Let’s start with the different patterns…

The Rosetted/Spotted Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat pattern that we see most often is rosetted or spotted. To differentiate the two, you must look at the spots. If they are formed more or less like closed circles with a lighter color in the center, these are rosettes, so it would be a rosetted Bengal cat. In the case of the spotted Bengal cat, the spots are easily recognized because they are smaller and only one color, darker than the coat. In both cases, there are different shapes and sizes possible. The different shapes of rosettes can be called donut, pancake, clouded, paw-print and arrowhead. Regardless of the pattern, the rosetted or spotted Bengal cat can exist in all the different possible colors. Here are some examples:


Rosettes pattern bengal cat


spotted pattern bengal cat

The Marble Bengal Cat

See the wild and exotic appearance of the marble Bengal cat. Many people think that only the rosetted Bengal has the wild look … until they see an amazing marble Bengal cat. The marble pattern often becomes more and more beautiful between birth and the first year of life. The more the kitten grows, the more the pattern opens and reveals his colors. The marble Bengal cat will also have the possibility to be produced in the same colors as a spotted or rosetted Bengal cat pattern.

marbre pattern bengal cats

Bengal Cat Colors

Most people saw a brown Bengal cat when seeing one for the first time. But there are many other colors. The Bengal cat offers the possibility of imitating the fur of the traditional leopard, the snow leopard and even the black panther! We can also combine different colors to create spectacular Bengal cats!

At Wild N Sweet Bengals, colors are a real passion. Discover or rediscover all the beautiful Bengal cat colors:

Testimonial _

Testimonial _

We couldn’t be happier with our kitten and the whole experience of working with Wild N Sweet. You can really see the care, love and socialization that went into our baby’s life from birth until he came to us. He is adventurous and friendly with everyone! I would 100% go back to this breeder for any future additions to our family. We are so impressed and grateful! You can follow Everest and his crew on our Instagram account @freyaeverafter

– Rupa & Everest (Kansas, USA)

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